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Pilates ‘Hundreds’ At Home – How Strong Are Your Abs?

Having time-efficient, effective exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home can significantly assist in the treatment and ongoing management of various injuries. ‘Hundreds’ is a predominantly abdominal-based exercise that can be effective for individuals suffering from lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain, post-natal care and many other injuries. If performed properly, this exercise can help strengthen your adductors, abdominals, obliques and core muscles. ‘Hundreds’ helps facilitate the appropriate placement of your rib cage when performing day-to-day activities, your sitting posture or even your running style. It also challenges your neck muscles to remain relaxed throughout the exercise so can be an effective exercise for advanced neck rehabilitation. However, be careful because technique is imperative with this exercise to avoid injury.

Key Points:

– Ensure that as you go into a small crunch the movement is from you drawing your rib cage down rather than lifting your head.

– Keep length through the back of your neck and imagine there is a soft peach between your chin and your chest – do not squish your peach.

– Keep the rest of your body still and only move your arms in an upward and downward motion

– Aim for 100 arm pulses. You may do this as quickly as you like provided your body remains stable.

To be able to do your hundreds at home all you need is either a theraband, tubing or a physiopod. In the below video, Bonnie is using a physiopod. To make this exercise more difficult, try adding a magic circle (used in video), a soccer ball or rolled up towel between your feet. You can also see in the video that there are three variations of this exercise, all increasing in difficulty. It is imperative that your Physio ensures that this exercise is appropriate for you and that you are performing this exercise correctly to avoid injury.

If you would like to book an Initial Pilates Assessment to commence your individualised Pilates program then come and see one of our Physiotherapists at Bend + Mend in Sydney’s CBD. We have clinics in both Martin Place and Barangaroo – King Street Wharf.

Bend + Mend

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