The Clinical Reformer is probably the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment. It allows the full range of exercises to be performed from the floor or upon the reformer. It uses different spring resistances to make the exercises vary from beginner to advanced level. The Long Box, Bar, Jumpboard and straps can be utilised also to make things easier or tougher as well as varying the spring resistance.

The Fitness Reformer is similar to our existing Clinical Reformers but offers a safer option for standing exercises done on the lower lying reformer. With a sturdy adjustable bar and colour-coded springs it makes adjustments quick and simple.

The Trapeze Table is what others may call the Cadillac and is where the circus comes to Bend + Mend! Instead of flying high, it uses swinging bars to guide your movement in a controlled fashion with a range of springs. Whether you are just starting out or an exercise enthusiast, we can arrange this wonderful treatment tool to give you a controlled, challenging, yet pain-free workout.

The Barrel is the wooden arc that most people look at curiously wondering what it could possibly do for them. The beauty of its firm arc is that it is able to give gentle mobilisation of spinal segments. Those of you with stiff middle and upper backs (ie. most of the CBD) will become best friends with the barrel. Keep it slow and it will work for you best.

The Wunda Chair was developed by Joseph Pilates himself and is a wooden, padded small platform that has pedals attached to it with springs. For those familiar with the Trapeze table, you will notice some overlap of exercises that can be done in standing, sitting and lying both on the chair and on the floor. Expect us to slow you down to focus on good scapular, neck and pelvis control with the Wunda Chair. It’ll add a new dimension to your Pilates-Informed exercise and highlight the areas which need to be addressed as part of your postural management.

Other useful Physio tools we use include the Foam Roller, Chi balls (like a deflated volleyball), Spiky Massage Balls, Swiss Balls, Wobble Boards and Medicine Balls. Depending on your level of experience we’ll make use of these to make things feel easier or more difficult.

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