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Get Fit To Ski is a pre-season conditioning programme for snow sports. It aims to improve skiing technique and enhance performance while minimising muscle soreness commonly felt at the start of your ski trip. Get Fit to Ski will help you recover more quickly for your next day of skiing and help prevent ski injuries.

Why do I need to “Get Fit To Ski”?

Each year at Bend + Mend, we see people who plan to go skiing, but they are hindered by an injured knee or a chronic back problem or just general aches and pains. After assessing each individual, we carefully handpick several exercises specific to the individual’s needs with a more confident skier appearing as a result!

Time to prepare for snow sports is essential as strength and balance don’t happen overnight. It takes weeks to gain strength, and you need to make sure you are doing enough exercises to improve, but not too many to cause yourself harm.

That’s where Bend + Mend can help you. We are offering Get Fit To Ski/Snow-board programmes to prepare you for the perils of snow skiing or boarding.

The Ski programmes are specifically designed for you and your holiday, whether you are skiing or snow- boarding. You start your program with an initial assessment with a Physio trained in “Get Fit To Ski” and this is where your programme is mapped out and this ensures your targets are being met. The programme consists of vigorous circuit-type ski-specific exercises designed to improve strength, endurance, balance and coordination and will be a minimum of 8 weeks. The program incorporates use of our ski-specific exercise machine and Pilates equipment, with a focus on core strength, quadriceps, calves, triceps and other muscles utilised in skiing. All classes are run by a Physiotherapist. You will feel and see the benefits before, during and after your trip!

It’s a really fun way to get ready for the snow!

What to bring to your first session?

Please bring comfortable clothes to allow movement. You can perform most of the exercises without trainers so all you have to put on your feet are a pair of socks

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