The Spine is central to the whole body and provides the base from which movement occurs. When pain or injury to the spine occurs it is not only painful but extremely disruptive to everyday life. If left too long, spinal pain in the back or neck can become worse and be more difficult to treat so it is always best to seek treatment early.

At Bend + Mend, all our Physiotherapists have experience in treating the different parts of the spine as well as other areas of the body. We aim to use the most effective treatment techniques such as Hands-On Manual Therapy as well as Exercise Therapy to help reduce back and neck pain and get people back on track.

Manual therapy techniques may include joint mobilisations, manipulations, and massage. Exercise therapy will often include strength programmes, postural re-education, stretching, neural stretching, and core stability exercises or Clinical Pilates. We also have experience in acupuncture/dry needling.

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