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What is Spinal Physiotherapy?

Spinal Physiotherapy is treatment of the whole spine from the head to the tailbone, from headaches to sciatica. This is an area that can cause pain or discomfort in many people, particularly those who may work in more sedentary occupations. Early treatment is recommended for the best results and often incorporates hands-on manual therapy.

Our Physio’s treat neck pain, upper back pain and lower back pain as well as complex nerve conditions. Our three partners, Fiona, Mark and Kellie, are APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists in the area of Spinal Physiotherapy and provide rigorous training of all Bend + Mend Physio’s in this area to provide a premium service and treat spinal pain effectively.

What to Expect at Physiotherapy

Arriving for the appointment:

We will send you a form online to fill in before you arrive about you and your injury. If you have any Doctors letters, Scans, reports, Xrays please bring them along to show your Physio.

Initial Consultation:

Assessment: We start by asking you some questions about your pain or injury as well as your goals of treatment in one of our private treatment rooms. Your Physio will then assess your spine, firstly through some movement testing and then by assessment of the spine itself, providing a diagnosis. We have gowns and shorts for you to borrow.

Treatment: Treatment during the first appointment often combines hands-on manual techniques and exercise therapy known to be effective for your condition to reduce pain and restore movement. Exercises will be sent via an online program including photos and videos where you can track your progress.

Follow-Up Consultations:

Follow-up treatments are required in most cases to progress hands-on treatment and exercises. This will include looking at ways to prevent ongoing pain and incorporate rehabilitation techniques to strengthen and get you back to all your regular sports and activities. We also provide prompt communication with any other professionals involved in your care.

Our Services

Our highly-trained Physiotherapists will choose the most suitable treatment technique to relieve your spinal pain, restore increase mobility, reduce stiffness and prevent ongoing discomfort. We assess each person based on their individual injury and goals, using up-to-date treatments that have proven to be effective.

Spinal Conditions we treat:

We will use the most effective treatment techniques including hands-on treatment (Manual Therapy), exercise therapy and advice. Manual therapy techniques may include joint mobilisations, manipulations, and massage. Exercise therapy will often include strength programmes, postural re-education, stretching, neural stretching, and core stability exercises or Clinical Pilates. We also have experience in acupuncture/dry needling.

Spinal Physiotherapy articles

Spinal Physio Near Me in Sydney CBD

We have two locations at Martin Place, and Darling Park making it easy to find us wherever you are in Sydney’s CBD. The most effective treatment for spinal pain is early treatment and we will do our best to get you seen the same day so come in and see us soon.


  • Initial Spinal Physiotherapy Consultation (45’) – $145
  • Follow-up Spinal Physiotherapy Consultation (30’) – $135

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bend + Mend offer home exercise programs?

Yes. We provide home exercises specifically related to your treatment and goals. These may start with exercises to relieve pain and progress to strength and core exercises to prevent ongoing discomfort. We send you an online link which gives you access to a program including photos and videos where you can track your progress and message your Physio.

How do I know if back pain is muscular or spinal?

Back and neck pain can come from many different structures including the muscles, joints and ligaments of the spine, discs and even referred from other areas. Your Physio will use movement tests and spinal palpation to help diagnose where the pain is originating from. Muscle pain can often exist alongside joint and disc pain.

Can a Physiotherapist diagnose back pain?

Yes. Our Physio’s have been trained in assessment and diagnosis of neck and back pain. We will provide you with a diagnosis during your appointment.

Can Physiotherapy make back pain worse?

Physiotherapy aims to relieve back pain and prevent ongoing pain. We would expect you to see improvement within the first few appointments. In some cases, initial treatments can make your back a little sore afterwards due to the testing required to work out the best treatment option, but this should be short-lasting and does not damage your back.