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When your work involves long days sitting at your computer, you don’t want to be bothered by an aching back, tight shoulders, headaches or painful arms. You want to be comfortable, productive and feel focused on the task at hand. The set-up of your workplace plays a vital role in avoiding fatigue and keeping pain at bay. That’s why workplace assessments are a big part of what we do at Bend + Mend.

Many people have a sense that posture is important and have picked up a few tips over the years. However, getting it right on your own isn’t easy. There’s a critical difference between knowing what to do and managing to do it every day. In fact, it’s possible to have all the “right” equipment and still be uncomfortable or at risk of injury.

At Bend + Mend, we are proud of helping people and businesses with our practical approach. Heights and angles can be important, but not as important as finding an arrangement that suits the worker. We’ll make changes on the spot with your current equipment, give key pieces of advice and write a report in as much detail as you require. When appropriate, this can include suggestions for any new equipment to make your set-up even better.

Our assessments are carried out by Physiotherapists with specialised training in Office Ergonomics who also treat work-related injuries every day. We offer flexible services to achieve what you’re after, whether that’s detailed consultations or succinct check-ups, for one person or over a hundred.

We also offer Remote Telehealth Workstation Assessments for people who now need to work at home each day, many of whom do not have the correct desk set-up.

Our services receive great feedback, are competitively priced and are a simple way to care for you, your team and your business.

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