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Patient Of The Month

By May 30, 2017February 13th, 2019Physiotherapy

Congratulations to our Patient of the Month for June – Stuart Raynes.

From Libby: “Stuart’s been a diligent Pilates devotee at our clinic since 2010, I think he’s been lucky enough to do Pilates with all of our Physios, or they’ve been lucky to have him in their class. He first came to Bend + Mend with a “bad back” which stopped him from doing many of the things he loved. With his dedication and consistency over the past few years Stu now remains fit with yearly worldwide ski trips, chasing after his kids and supporting the Sydney Swans with a cheeky beer in hand. He’s a wonderful addition to our Monday class and keeps all our Physios on their toes. He could probably do his Pilates program with his eyes closed! Well done Stu, you’ve been awesome!”

And from Stuart: “I started going to Bend & Mend 7-years ago with the classic back problem created by too much time sitting at a desk, in a meeting room or on a plane. Around four years ago, I was diagnosed with disk herniation that caused severe Sciatica and reverted to Epidural Steroid Injections on the recommendation of my Neurologist. My Physio at the time, Tori, showed great interest to help and reviewed my MRI’s, reports and advice from my Neurologist.  I was getting around six months of relief out of the injections before I would steadily worsen to the point of almost being immobile. A plan was devised to simply do Pilates, walk, cycle or swim (which I can’t). So I walk circa 10k every day, do my weekly Pilates and cycle infrequently. This has helped me reach my goal of less injections with my last now being over 2-years ago.

I have seen quite a few of the the physios and B+M over my journey and the best thing I like about the place is the hiring policy. Everyone is fun, down to earth and caring. They can also do running repairs like when I fractured my humerus 2-years ago they helped me through this recovery.

Finally I will say that my current learned friend, Libby, is awesome. She makes Pilates fun, enjoyable and rewarding. She’s almost as good as my previous teachers Tori, Ben etc….”


Kellie Jansen

Kellie graduated from the University of Sydney and has been working in Sydney’s CBD for over 15 years. She also completed a postgraduate Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Kellie was inspired to work as a physiotherapist following many years of ballet and seeing dancers cope with their injuries. She now has a keen interest in acute and chronic spinal therapy and clinical pilates. Kellie is happy to see her patients at Bend + Mend Martin Place or Barangaroo. She works at both clinics every day except Wednesdays.

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