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Why should you do Pre-Natal exercise on Pilates equipment?

Pregnancy Exercises drawn from Pilates at Bend + Mend are supervised by Physiotherapists so you can be confident the exercise is safe, evidence-based and specific to your personal needs.

Our Physio’s use Pilates equipment together with their expert knowledge in exercise prescription to allow for a greater variety of exercises and more fun, while keeping yours and your baby’s safety as our number one priority.

Pregnancy Pilates is an excellent way of ensuring optimal function of your pelvic floor which requires specific attention during and after pregnancy. The exercises target muscles around the lower back and pelvis which help you carry the extra weight during pregnancy and ease pregnancy-related pain such as back ache and pelvic pain.

Providing all is going well, you can take part in our Pregnancy sessions right through till the big day. This regular exercise will enable you to control excess weight gain during pregnancy and means a faster recovery following the birth of your child.

Pilates-Informed exercise during pregnancy that is guided by a Physio prepares your body for not only the big event of giving birth but the extremely physical job of having a newborn baby to lift, bathe, feed, push…

Never done Exercise using Pilates equipment before?

Not to worry! Whether you were previously a runner, dancer or couch potato the benefit of joining a Pregnancy class at Bend + Mend is that your exercise programme is tailored to your individual needs. Exercising in small groups under the supervision of a Physiotherapist means your programme can be modified as your body changes throughout each trimester so you can keep coming right up until the big day!

What you can expect from Bend + Mend’s Pregnancy Sessions

  • Thorough individualised screening and assessment.
  • A tailored programme supervised by your Physio that will be modified as you progress through your pregnancy.
  • A wide variety of exercises utilising the mat and gym ball, as well as the Reformer, Trapeze Tower and other pieces of Pilates equipment.
  • Specific education about the pelvic floor muscles to ensure good control during and after pregnancy.

As qualified Physiotherapists, we are experts in training stability muscles (including the pelvic floor), so you can be confident your programme is targeting the right area and in the safest manner possible.

We also offer Post-Natal Sessions to get you back on track after your baby is born!

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