Spinal Physiotherapy

Spinal & General Physiotherapy

Back and neck troubling you? See our experienced Spinal Physio’s, treating Sydney’s CBD for over 15 years.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

We can help you get back on the field, back on the court, back on the road, and back into the gym.

Ergonomic Assesments

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Workplace Assessments are a big part of our service, for one person or over a hundred.

Pilates-Informed Exercises

All our sessions are run by Physiotherapists and incorporate the use of the Reformer, Trapeze and other Pilates equipment.

Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Sessions

Come and join our specialised Pregnancy classes led by Physiotherapists for a fun, safe workout for all stages of Pregnancy!

Post Natal Pilates

Post-Natal Sessions

We offer new mums the chance to return to regular exercise safely while targeting muscles affected by pregnancy and birth.

Women's Health

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Bonnie, specialises in the management of conditions unique to women.

Running Assessments

Running Assessments

Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned marathoner; to help a particular problem or purely improve your performance.

Our Other Services

Other Services

We have a range of other services to suit all of Sydney’s CBD from our Dance Assessments to “Get Fit to Ski”.