All Bend + Mend private sessions are run by Physiotherapists and incorporate the use of the Reformer, Trapeze, Wunda-Chair and Barrel Pilates equipment. Each client receives a programme best suited to their prior exercise or experience making our sessions suitable for those recovering from injury or just wanting to add to their exercise programme.

Physiotherapists study muscle and joint anatomy and physiology, therefore they have the expertise required to effectively prescribe exercises drawn from Pilates for people with and without pain or injury. Pilates-informed exercise with a Physiotherapist improves core stability to help manage and prevent low back and neck pain, enhances postural control, body awareness and flexibility, helps to reduce the risk of pain or re-injury and strengthens and tones the muscles. It is also a great way to exercise before and after pregnancy.

Regardless of whether you are recovering from spinal surgery or trying to build better stability to improve your running, your exercise is tailored, graduated and reassessed to ensure you reach your goals

We offer a choice of private sessions and group sessions.

Our sessions with a Physiotherapist entitles you to claim your sessions under “Physiotherapy” with your private health fund.

You can benefit from the immediate private health insurance refund using our HICAPS machine.

Our Group classes will always remain small (maximum of 4 people) to offer a personalised service and tailored programme to meet your needs.

Please click on the link below to see our class timetable. Our class availability changes regularly with classes added according to demand, so please contact reception for current class availability and we will do our best to find a time that works for you.

Group Session Timetable