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Our Telehealth Ergonomic Assessments are recommended for anyone keen to prevent the onset of symptoms related to their work environment as well as those who already suffer discomfort carrying out daily work tasks.

A poor workstation set-up often leads to an aching neck and back, tight shoulders, headaches or painful arms. The set-up of your workplace plays a vital role in avoiding fatigue and preventing pain that can affect overall productivity. That’s why workplace assessments are a big part of what we do at Bend + Mend. Our Telehealth Assessments are a valuable service to keep people comfortable no matter where you’re working from.

What is involved in a Telehealth Ergonomic Assessment?

A video consultation through a secure video conferencing application where you can talk directly with your Physiotherapist and they can see you in your home environment. During this time we will discuss your work role and any current concerns regarding your home set-up. We will then assess the current workstation environment and make immediate recommendations.

Upon completion of the assessment we will provide suggestions for equipment modifications and tips on how to make some further quick and easy adjustments at home.

Follow-up after the assessment will be provided by your Physio to ensure the changes are working well for you and/or your team.

All of our assessments are carried out by fully qualified Physiotherapists. Our services receive great feedback, are competitively priced and are a simple way to care for you, your team and your business.

Bend + Mend Telehealth Workplace Services on offer:

Mini Streamlined Assessments: Ideal for workplaces wanting to look after the health and safety of their staff that have recently had to make the transition to working from home. An option designed to help larger groups without specific pre-existing concerns.

Full Service Assessment: A detailed individual assessment recommended for anyone with a musculoskeletal injury or who suffers discomfort performing their daily work tasks.

Fit and Well Presentation series: This series of presentations is offered to deliver educational tips on a range of topics for your team, or short interactive movement sessions via video conferencing.

All services and packages can be tailored to your individual needs. Please contact our reception team for a personalised quote.