With more people working from home and social distancing it is hard to stay active and keep those aches and pains away. 

 Mat Pilates can be just (if not more) challenging as a whole body and core workout and also helps prevent pain while working from home.

What is Telehealth Pilates?

Our Telehealth Pilates sessions are online Physio-led mat-based sessions at home for individuals or small groups. Sessions are conducted via video link so you can see us and we can see you. We work alongside you  to create an individualised home Pilates program and advance this over time.

All our Bend + Mend Physio’s conduct Telehealth Pilates sessions for their existing and new clients from the comfort of their own home. All you need to connect is an internet connection and computer, phone or tablet with a camera and microphone and we will do the rest!

What is involved in a Telehealth Pilates Session?

If you haven’t done Pilates at home or in the clinic with us before we start off with an Initial Pilates Assessment. Following this you can choose to continue individual sessions with the same Physio or join a small group online (max 4 people).

When booking in you will be sent an email to guide the quick and easy set up with a direct link to connect to your Physio online. All you need is an iPad/phone/laptop with a camera and microphone and an internet connection.

During the initial assessment we will ask some background questions to get a clear idea of your goals and reasons for choosing Pilates.

We will assess your movements via video link so it’s a good idea to have some space around you.

Our Physio’s will then take you through a mat session of Pilates exercises designed specifically for you. These sessions are then booked in as often as you like with small groups also available at a lower cost following the initial assessment.

Payment can be taken via credit card by our reception team at the end of your appointment.

What does it cost and can I claim using my health fund?

We are currently offering discounted rates on all Telehealth Pilates Services during Covid-19.

Initial Telehealth Pilates Assessment and individual sessions: 45mins $90 

Telehealth Group Sessions: 45mins $57.50 (max 4 people online)

Physio-led Telehealth sessions at Bend + Mend can be claimed under Physiotherapy. Most private health funds allow rebates for Telehealth Physiotherapy so please check with your fund regarding their specific coverage.

Common Telehealth Questions

How do I book a Telehealth Pilates Session?

You can book online or call the clinic to book as a new client or to see your usual Physio. We book you into our diary just as if you were coming into the clinic so you have a defined session time.

I struggle with technology!

Don’t worry. We provide clear instructions to help you connect easily.

We can talk you through the process as it happens.

Do I need any equipment?

No. All you need is some space to exercise and a mat to lie on. If you already have some home exercise equipment your Physio may incorporate these into your session.

You just click on the link sent via email and use an iPad/phone/laptop with a camera and microphone.