The Wunda Chair is a Pilates apparatus which is used in Bend + Mend’s Pilates Group Physio Sessions. The pedal on the chair has a spring resistance which is used to challenge patient’s strength and stability. Depending on the exercise you can use both heavy and light springs to increase the difficulty. This short clip demonstrates a few exercises done standing on the ground and then a few standing up on the chair seat. I have also demonstrated some abdominal exercises with your hands on the seat and feet on the pedal. Whilst the Wunda chair looks quite simple, it can be very versatile. There are lots of different exercises we can prescribe on the Wunda chair, adding some great variability to your routine.

If you are interested in incorporating Pilates into your rehabilitation, book a Pilates Assessment with one of our Bend + Mend Physios today. We can tailor you an individualised program to suit your body’s needs.

Helena Dwyer

About Helena Dwyer

Helena graduated with a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University. Prior to her postgraduate studies she completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Growing up in Melbourne, she has a love of AFL which led her to work for an elite level AFL club. She has completed further training in Clinical Pilates and uses these skills to assist in the rehabilitation of her patients. Along with AFL, she has a passion for netball and treating the various injures that come with competitive sport. Helena has further training in Dry Needling and uses this skill in treatments when appropriate. She also has experience in assessing and treating pregnant and post natal women. Overall she enjoys getting her patients pain free and back to doing what they enjoy. In her spare time Helena enjoys getting out and exploring which often includes a refreshing dip at the beach.

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