The Pilates Ring or sometimes known as the “magic circle” is an apparatus used in Bend + Mend’s Group Physio classes. The ring can be used in various ways to challenge your body. It can be used to assist with stretching or strengthening. This blog is going to discuss four different ways in which you can use the Pilates Ring.


Place the ring around the outside of your knees. Roll your spine up into the bridge with outwards pressure on the ring. Once at the top of the bridge, then slowly roll your spine down with continued outward pressure on the ring. Using the Pilates Ring with your bridges makes this exercise more challenging for your gluts than a standard bridge as you are engaging you glut muscles to apply the outward pressure on the ring.

Inner thigh squeezes

The ring is placed between your ankles and you are in a sidelying position. Support your head with your lower arm or a pillow. Engage your inner thighs and try to get the ring to touch. Then slowly release the ring, keeping in control of the pressure.


Lay on your back with the ring in your hands and feet towards the ceiling. Lift your chest from the floor by shortening the distance between your ribs and hip bones. Place the ring between your ankles and slowly lower your chest back down to the ground. The chest should be lowered slowly resisting gravity which wants to drop you back towards the ground. By slowly lowering you are challenging your abdominals throughout the entire exercise.

Hamstring stretch

Laying on your back hook the ring over the arches of your feet. Hold onto the ring with an underhand grip and let your shoulders drop down towards the floor. Don’t worry if you can’t straighten your knees, your hamstrings will still be stretched. You may even feel a calf stretch here too.

If you would like some help incorporating these exercises into your routine, book in for an Initial Assessment with one of our experienced Bend + Mend Physiotherapists today.

Helena Dwyer

About Helena Dwyer

Helena graduated with a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University. Prior to her postgraduate studies she completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Growing up in Melbourne, she has a love of AFL which led her to work for an elite level AFL club. She has completed further training in Clinical Pilates and uses these skills to assist in the rehabilitation of her patients. Along with AFL, she has a passion for netball and treating the various injures that come with competitive sport. Helena has further training in Dry Needling and uses this skill in treatments when appropriate. She also has experience in assessing and treating pregnant and post natal women. Overall she enjoys getting her patients pain free and back to doing what they enjoy. In her spare time Helena enjoys getting out and exploring which often includes a refreshing dip at the beach.

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