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The Spikey Ball can be both your friend and your enemy at times. We use this tool to help release trigger points as well as provide some self-massage to muscles. Generally, the firmer the ball the deeper the release will be. It also can be quite painful when the ball is firmer. I would start with a softer ball to ease yourself into the release techniques and then progress to a firm one if you feel its needed.

You can either use the spiky ball standing or lying on the ground depending on what you are trying to release. When you are lying on the ball on the ground this can be quite a firm release as your body weight is applying the pressure. If that feels too painful you can always try the same muscle group in a standing position, this way you can monitor the pressure more easily by not pushing into the ball as hard. Once the ball is in position you can either hold it there or roll it around if that feels better. Start with 30 seconds of release and as your tolerance improves you can continue to lengthen the time. Using the spiky ball whilst watching TV is a great way to distract yourself from the time and pain spent on the ball.

Some areas to release using the Spikey Ball are:

  • Upper trapezius mucsle
  • Front and side of hip muscles
  • Gluteal muscles







If you would like some further help on how to use the spiky ball the Physio’s at Bend + Mend would be happy to assist you. If the spiky ball isn’t quite enough to fix your problem then you can come in for an assessment with one of our experienced Physiotherapists at Bend + Mend in Sydney’s CBD today.

Bend + Mend

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