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Patient Of The Month For February

By January 31, 2017June 9th, 2017Physiotherapy, Pilates, Running, Sports Physiotherapy

Our patient of the month for February is Graham Pearson, who has set himself the amazing challenge of completing 21 half marathon events by the end of 2017! He is doing this to support the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation to improve the quality of life for seriously ill children. We think most people would agree he is extremely deserving of a mention…

Graham says: “Patient of the Month !  I am honoured – after all, I have given Bend and Mend the best ten years of my life….and, what’s more they’ve made them even better !   How things have changed.  When I first came to visit, Mark and Fiona were working in a cupboard at the Martin Place gym and they could only treat two small patients at a time. As I’m quite tall, I needed both cubicles, but luckily these days they have a whole pilates studio for me to stretch out in and the wonderful Bonnie to direct my core strengthening.  This year is a big year – my 21 Half Marathon Challenge, raising money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation – so far I am 4 races into this challenge and I could have even contemplated this without Bend and Mend.  Thanks guys !”

And from Bonnie: “Graham has been a regular Physio attendee at Bend + Mend since 2006! After multiple injuries, Graham’s motivation and drive to be injury free led him to commence Pilates once a week for almost a year now. Graham is always up for a laugh during our sessions whilst working hard at the same time. Although Graham has had his ups and downs with various injuries, he is now pushing himself to new limits. Graham’s challenge for 2017 is to run 21 Half Marathons! With 4 completed so far and over $14,000 raised for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Graham is a true inspiration!”

Kellie Jansen

Kellie graduated from the University of Sydney and has been working in Sydney’s CBD for over 15 years. She also completed a postgraduate Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Kellie was inspired to work as a physiotherapist following many years of ballet and seeing dancers cope with their injuries. She now has a keen interest in acute and chronic spinal therapy and clinical pilates. Kellie is happy to see her patients at Bend + Mend Martin Place or Barangaroo. She works at both clinics every day except Wednesdays.

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