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Swimming…Stop Neck and Shoulder Pain

By March 23, 2015April 26th, 2019Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

Summer is here! And so too is seasonal swimming training! But are we all getting the most out of our swimming sessions? Whether in the pool or in the surf here are a few quick tips to ensure your body is optimised and primed for any swimming challenge. The most common swimming complaints are shoulder and neck pain. Both of which can develop from being too stiff in the upper back as you move your arm ready for the next stroke in freestyle. This problem can be addressed by working on upper back mobility as well as shoulder range of motion and muscle endurance of the shoulders.

Arm opener – Lie on your left side with your knees slightly bent. Raise the right arm upwards and rotate through the upper back so your right shoulder moves closer towards the ground. Repeat 10 times both sides.

Thread the needle – Start on your hands and knees in the cat position with hands under shoulders and knees under the hips. Lift one arm towards the ceiling then rotate towards the other direction reaching long and under the body.  Repeat 10 times both sides.

Kneeling Swimmer – Stay in the kneeling position. Slide one leg behind you ensuring your hips remain stationary and do not rock to the side. Have a small awareness of your lower abdominals and pelvic floor. When you advance take the leg into the air straighten your knee and complete 5-10 small kick pulses maintaining a neutral spine.

If you do these simple tasks on regular basis to supplement your swimming, not only will your risk of injury diminish but you will also become more efficient! Gone will be the days that you leave a wake akin to that of a jet ski!

For any other tips on swimming technique or injury prevention in the water book into our Bend + Mend Sydney CBD Physio clinic.




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