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By August 14, 2018Physiotherapy

Our Patient of the Month for September…From training on the Parramatta River to rowing the waterways of Italy and Venice.

Suzie Jones, a keen skier and rower is one of Bend & Mend’s long term clients. A nasty ski accident in 2008 (severed ACL and MCL, detached patella, torn meniscus, broken leg and torn achilles) has not stopped Suzie pursuing her passions. After a reasonably lengthy and complicated recovery, Suzie now continues to get regular maintenance with the lovely Fiona and makes time for regular functional gym sessions. This allows her to continue with some of her favourite pastimes and she has said that Fiona is never allowed to retire!

Each year Suzie heads off to some scenic location somewhere in Australia or overseas to either leisurely row on rivers, lakes and oceans or to compete in masters races. This year was a six day row from Trieste to Venice on the Adriatic sea, rivers and ancient canals that were built hundreds of years ago for trading merchants. After nearly 200 kilometres and a day off, the main event was a 30km row around the lakes and canals of Venice. Once a year, an ancient cannon in St Marks Square starts human propelled water craft around the islands and through the canals of Venice without the usual motor boats. Suzie and her Canadian rowing partner were quick off the start and had finished well before the mayhem depicted in the photo below.

Early morning training sessions (often in the dark) on the Parramatta River has been the preparation for many adventures.

From Suzie: “I know that I am exceptionally lucky to have had access to world class treatment. Fiona has been my stalwart and always helps get me ready for physical adventures or treats me when something goes awry. I trust Fiona implicitly as a skilled and knowledgeable professional and she has also become a lovely friend”.

From Fiona: “Suzie has been seeing me since forever, even before we opened Bend + Mend and I have seen her through numerous upsets which have all come about from her love of skiing and rowing. We have kept her active over these past years and hope to do so for many more! It is always lovely to see Suzie in the clinic, it is like catching up with a long lost friend! We have maintained her strength and mobility as well as worked out the problems of the world. We will continue to do this for many more years hopefully. Thanks for your loyalty Suze!”

Fiona Godsall

About Fiona Godsall

Fiona is a Physiotherapist well-known in the Sydney’s CBD. She graduated in 1996 from the University of Sydney and also completed a postgraduate degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy. Fiona instructs Pilates classes and has great fun with her patients. She was part of some big changes last year with the opening of our third clinic and her first baby born just after Christmas. Fiona has now returned from maternity leave and is looking forward to catching up with everybody she hasn't seen in so long!

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