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Patient Of The Month For October

By September 26, 2016Physiotherapy

karine2Our patient of the month this month truly deserves some recognition. Karine has been attending Pilates classes with us here at Bend + Mend since 2013.

Karine says “I have been a patient since I have moved in Sydney. I have seen two different locations and I have had at least 8 Physio teachers … All friendly and supportive. I feel my core has improved a lot and have been able to run, ski and feel a lot better than without Pilates. I always tried to have my weekly session, if not two. And really wish I could do one every day to feel good. As I am now heading to Paris I am hoping I can find a good Pilates class and wish all the best to Fi and her team.”

From Fiona: After having her two children and then working full time in a very busy stressful job that required loads of travel, she just wanted her body back! After 3 years with us and approximately 200 Pilates sessions, she has completed 6000 leg circles and perhaps 12,000 glute exercises. She never complained and sometimes even attempted to keep doing work whilst doing her exercises! She was very committed and always tried to attend her sessions, even when she had to do make ups she would try to squeeze them all in, even doing 5 in one week once!! We will miss you Karine. Good luck in France and see you when you return! A Bientot!

Kellie Jansen

Kellie graduated from the University of Sydney and has been working in Sydney’s CBD for over 15 years. She also completed a postgraduate Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Kellie was inspired to work as a physiotherapist following many years of ballet and seeing dancers cope with their injuries. She now has a keen interest in acute and chronic spinal therapy and clinical pilates. Kellie is happy to see her patients at Bend + Mend Martin Place or Barangaroo. She works at both clinics every day except Wednesdays.

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