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How Neuroscientists Explain The Mind-Clearing Magic of Running

Famous filmmaker Casey Neistat states ‘every major decision I’ve made in the last eight years has been prefaced by a run’. I find myself that after running, the once monotonous task of cleaning becomes appealing – a slightly different way of looking at the effects of running and sad, I know, however I’m sure many of you would agree that aerobic exercise provides us with cognitive clarity. Neuroscientists have supported this link with three decades of research, including an exciting new finding that will make you want to run all day.

Harvard psychology professor Emily E. Bernstein was curious about a pattern she noticed in her own mind after a run, stating ‘I just feel better when I’m active’. She wanted to know why. What is exercise actually doing? This article describes the birth of new neurons throughout various parts of the brain and the more meaningful effects for us as a result, including emotional regulation.

The reading provides an insightful synopsis of the ‘mind-clearing magic’ of running, including recommendations of exercise duration for those of you who don’t know when to stop.

So if you are one of the many people who love to fill their lunch break with a run around Sydney’s CBD, or the new Barangaroo Reserve near King Street Wharf, you can read why your afternoon is then filled with a clear mind.

Follow the link  –  Why Does Running Help Clear Your Mind?

Benjamin Wright

Ben has worked as a Physiotherapist in private practice since graduating from the University of South Australia in 2012. As a result of his strong sporting background, he holds a particular interest in sports-related injuries, and he likes to incorporate Neuromuscular Dry Needling with a variety of other techniques whilst empowering his clients through exercise prescription. Ben also has a keen interest in spinal injuries and headache management. He has recently moved to Sydney after spending some time travelling through Europe.

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