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Hanging Back In The Golf Swing

By January 7, 2017April 8th, 2020Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

Hanging back  in the golf swing is when a golfer does not shift their weight correctly back onto the front side on the downswing, usually resulting in a lack of power and the inability to create a consistent strike on the golf ball. Golfers tend to hang back on their back leg and spine through impact. Hanging Back can be caused by other swing characteristics discussed in my previous blogs such as a reverse spine angle or sway.

Physical Causes

– Poor strength or power in the back leg – If there are any weaknesses in the gluts, adductors or abdominals on the back side, players may eliminate the weight shift altogether

– Reduced mobility or instability in the front hip – If there are any weaknesses in the gluts, abductors or abdominals and reduced hip internal rotation on the lead side, players may avoid the lead side altogether.

– Poor technique and lack of coordination in rotating the hips

If you think you are Hanging Back in your golf swing then this is best evaluated by our TPI Physical Screening. So come and see Bonnie (TPI certified) at Bend + Mend in Sydney’s CBD for a Golf Physiotherapy Assessment and TPI Physical Screen.

Bend + Mend

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