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Get Back On Your Feet After A Car Accident

By December 15, 2016January 4th, 2019Physiotherapy, Spinal Physiotherapy

There is nothing worse than being in pain following a car accident. After all, the damage to your car is pain enough; suffering from aches and pains in your body as well is like double the punishment. Taking an active role in your recovery can help reduce the amount of suffering time. The Physio’s here at Bend + Mend Physiotherapy + Pilates have the experience and expertise to help you relieve the pain and get back to feeling like yourself again.

In recognition of our expertise when it comes to helping victims of accidents, NSW Compensation Lawyers selected us to offer advice in their recent post about what you should do after a car accident in order to minimise its impact on your life.

Our Physiotherapy services can help you get on the mend quickly, but it is crucial that you seek out help as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine immediately following an accident, you may still need medical care. In many cases, the symptoms of whiplash don’t even show up until a few days later.

Every Patient Is Different

As mentioned in the article, ‘What to Do after a Car Accident’, at Bend + Mend, we recognise that no two individuals’ bodies are exactly alike. That means their treatments should not be exactly the same. Everyone responds to various treatments at different rates, so we take the time to get to know exactly what issues are troubling you so that we can get down to the root of the problem and help alleviate your pain. Whether you are experiencing stiffness in your back or neck, are having difficulty sleeping, or have found that you are struggling to perform your regular daily activities, we can help.

You Play An Important Role, Too!

Our Physiotherapists are not the only ones who will be involved in your recovery. In fact, a large part of it will be up to you. In addition to completing the exercises recommended by your Physio, having a positive outlook in the aftermath of a car accident can be instrumental in keeping you on track toward a full recovery. Your friends and family can provide you with an excellent support system while you get back on your feet. As we go through this process together, we will keep a close eye on your progress to ensure that you are well on your way to full physical health.

Bend + Mend

Bend + Mend has been providing Sydney’s CBD with Physiotherapy and Pilates services since 2003. We have 4 great locations in Martin Place, Barangaroo, Darling Park and Circular Quay, all with private rooms and specialised one-on-one care. We also have Sydney CBD’s best-loved Physios who have helped over 10,000 people recover from pain and injury.

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