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City2Surf Warm Up Routine

By July 31, 2019September 8th, 2023Physiotherapy, Running, Sports Physiotherapy

Thought the traffic into the city was bad this morning? That’s got nothing on what you’re about to endure during the 2019 City2Surf. It seems like the whole of Sydney is out this morning with the collective goal of sweating their way from Hyde Park to Bondi. To ensure you have an enjoyable, efficient, injury free run it’s important to have an effective warm up. Today this blog will be covering an easy effective warm up for you to perform amongst the masses before you make your way to Bondi.

Your warm up should be something you are comfortable with, not something that you’re doing for the first time before the race, so you should start trying to incorporate this into your training program as soon as you can. The purpose of a warm up is two fold, to prepare your body for the race and also settle some of your pre-race nerves!

So on race day try and find yourself some space (easier said than done), and try this routine. It will take approximately 10 minutes.

Warm-Up for City2Surf:

Get your body moving! Brisk walk 2 mins followed by an easy 3 min light jog, then a brisk walk for 2 mins.

Bottom Kicks

An effective method of warming up your Glutes and Hamstrings, while dynamically stretching your quadriceps.

Start jogging on the spot, accentuating the knee flexion, trying to connect your heel with your glute.

20 seconds x 2 reps

High Knees

An effective method of warming up your Quadriceps and Hip flexors, while dynamically stretching your glutes.

Start jogging on the spot, accentuating the hip flexion, trying to bring your knees up to waist height. 20 seconds x 2 reps.

Lunge Walks

Effective method of warming up your Quadriceps, Groin and Glutes.

Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart. Take a large step forward with the right foot and lower your body toward the floor. Both legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle at the bottom of the lunge.

Push off left foot (back foot) so the left knee lifts up and you land with left foot in front, same bent knee position. Now push off the right foot, lift the right knee, and land with the right foot in front, same body position. Continue to “walk” your lunge forward.

10 steps x 2 reps

Leg Swings

Hamstring and lower leg warm up.
Lift one straight leg up and swing it straight forward and then backward in a controlled pendulum-like fashion. Return to the starting position.

10 reps x 2 setsThoracic Rotations with Arm Swings

To perform this exercise, stand with feet hips width apart. Then with your upper body, twist from side to side and perform the arm movements of running.

10 reps x 2 sets

This warm up is intended for a novice runner, who hasn’t developed a personalised warm up routine. It is a routine that will help you warm up your body, and prepare you for the run ahead. Good luck…you might even see one of our own Bend + Mend Sports Physio’s running right beside you!

Bend + Mend

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