Bulletproof My Shoulders – Part 1

By November 20, 2019Physiotherapy

We all know the importance of injury prevention and when it comes to shoulder health, mobility, strength and stability are key. Read below (and check out part 2) to see what exercises you should be doing to bulletproof your shoulders!

High Cable Row

  • Set cable to highest notch with handle (note – can be done at home using theraband above a closed door)
  • Start in a ½ kneeling position, don’t let shoulder hitch up
  • Start the pull with palms facing inwards and rotate the hand to palms up during
  • Squeeze shoulder blades back and down in the end range position
  • Slowly return to the top position rounding shoulder (like punching the ceiling)







Wall Slides

  • Place band around wrists, have palms facing towards each other
  • Place hands on towel or foam roller up against the wall – so you can slide easily upwards
  • Push out hard against the band preventing it from pulling your hands inwards
  • Push in hard against the wall
  • Slides hands up the wall keeping the above pressures throughout (ie out and in)
  • Don’t let shoulders hitch up
  • Return slowly back down to start position








Scapular Pull-ups

  • Note – can be done using lat pull down machine, assisted chin up machine or chin up bar with band for assistance
  • Grip chin up bar just wider than shoulder width (note – grip can be either palms up/down/facing in)
  • Keep elbows straight during the exercise
  • Pull shoulder blades down and hold (this will lift you only slightly – NOT like a pull up)
  • Slowly return down to starting position but shrug shoulders up to ears to get full range of motion through your shoulder blades








See Part 2 by Nick, our Gym-loving Physio here at Bend + Mend, for more on how to Bulletproof your shoulders.

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