Bend + Mend is offering a comprehensive Pregnancy and Post-Natal Women’s Health Package which includes all the help you need to take care of yourself, the mother, through pregnancy and following birth.

The focus for women during pregnancy and  childbirth is, of course, centred on their beautiful new baby. The mother’s health, once they are home, is often just thought to follow a slow recovery or to accept the changes to their body. Here at Bend + Mend, we want to help you recover quickly and avoid the long-term health issues commonly seen in new mothers.

Did you know that one in three women who ever had a baby wet themselves? In fact, women who have even had just one baby are three times more likely to wet themselves compared to those who have not had a baby. And the more babies you have, the more likely leaking will occur! To make matters worse, this leaking won’t just stop if you ignore it.

It is now widely known that problems such as pelvic floor weakness and abdominal separation can be effectively treated if treatment is started early after birth.

How is this package different to other post-natal checks?

Unfortunately, post-natal examinations will typically consist of only some basic questions, a quick assessment to see if the uterus has returned to its original size, and occasionally a check for abdominal separation. This can leave the mother with many questions regarding what they can do and when to ensure full recovery after birth.

What does the Pregnancy and Post-Natal Package include?

Our Package consists of two Pre-Natal Women’s Health appointments, two Post-Natal Women’s Health appointments, a vaginal probe for specific pelvic floor muscle assessment and training, and two private Mat Pilates Sessions with a home programme.

Why do I need 6 appointments?

To understand what is going to happen prior to the birth of your child and then to actually assess your body after the birth is crucial in directing the therapist to help you with your healing. Sometimes healing doesn’t happen automatically, hence these appointments will give you the time and reassurance that you will return to your baseline and give you the best future recovery

As Physios, we find that many pregnant women find it difficult to answer some of these questions:

  • Why should I exercise during pregnancy?
  • What is safe exercise to do during pregnancy?
  • How do I use my pelvic floor muscles?
  • How can I deal with common pelvic floor problems after birth?
  • How early can I start exercising after birth?
  • What is safe to do and when is it safe to do them after birth?
  • How do I exercise to help with my abdominal separation?

Our Pregnancy and Post-Natal Women’s Health Package, designed specifically for pregnant women and new mothers, will address all these concerns and more. We want you to return back to your pre-baby self as quickly as possible!

What to expect at each appointment:

Pre-Natal Women’s Health appointments (x2):

  • Pelvic floor assessment. You will get a strength measurement and get taught how to contract these specific muscles. At your second appointment, your strength measures will be retested and we will address any concerns or difficulties you have with engaging the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Your Physio will show you the right exercises to do during pregnancy along with other tips on how to help with your chosen method of birth.
  • You will be measured for abdominal separation and given advice on how to minimise separation.
  • You will be given advice on breastfeeding, sexual intercourse, perinatal massage and any other questions you may have.

Pre-Natal Mat Pilates Sessions (x1):

During this session your Physio will design a safe pregnancy exercise programme you are able to continue easily at home. Your Physio will take you through Pilates exercises that are specific to your needs taking into account your pelvic floor muscle fitness, level of abdominal separation and overall exercise goals.

Post-Natal Women’s Health appointments (x2):

  • Your Physio will conduct a post-natal assessment of your pelvic floor strength and get you restarted on the appropriate pelvic floor exercises.
  • You will be re-measured for any abdominal muscle separation and started on exercises to manage the separation.
  • You will be given advice on what to do for exercise and when it is safe to start, being shown the specific exercises and how to do them safely.
  • Your Physio is on hand to address any further questions around post-natal belts and garments.

Post-Natal Mat Pilates Sessions (x1):

Your Physio will design a specific exercise programme for you to perform easily at home, even with your new baby beside you! Your Pilates home programme will take into account your pelvic floor muscle recovery, abdominal separation and overall fitness goals.