Six Reasons To Do Physiotherapy-Led Pilates

  1. Improve core strength and stability

Reduced core strength and stability can lead to various injuries, such as lower back pain. Building your core strength and stability is important for all individuals suffering from lower back pain to pre and post-natal strengthening. Guidance with appropriate exercises to prevent injury is vital.

  1. Improves balance

Incorporating balance exercises is important for all individuals, particularly high-risk falls populations such as the elderly and pregnant women. Working on your balance has been shown to improve neuromuscular control, how your brain and muscles communicate with each other.

  1. Injury treatment and ongoing management

Pilates can be used as a form of treatment for many individuals with short or longstanding injuries. Pilates is utilised as a rehabilitation tool to reduce pain and improve function with the guidance of Physiotherapists who have a thorough understanding of what exercises are and are not appropriate for your body.

  1. Injury prevention

We all know that it is better to try and prevent injury where possible. With knowledgeable Physiotherapists with experience in identifying asymmetries in the body, poor movement patterns can be broken down to ultimately keep you injury free and to continue your chosen sport or activity without pain.

  1. Strengthen Posture

Pilates helps strengthen your postural muscles to enable you to get through your day with minimal pain as possible. As a population we are sitting more than ever before. It is imperative that we are able to have appropriate strength and support otherwise this can lead to injuries such as lower back and neck pain.

  1. Individualised Approach

Lastly but most importantly, you are an individual. The exercises that suit one person may not suit the next person with the same injury. Physiotherapy-led Pilates means that you get an individualised program that is specific to you reaching your goals.

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Bonnie Broomfield

About Bonnie Broomfield

Bonnie graduated in 2013 from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Masters of Physiotherapy. Born and raised in Sydney, she loves her sport, particularly Netball, and is always keen to try new sports and other outdoor activities - her latest being Golf with her Golf Pro fiancé. Bonnie has a special interest in Women's Health and has completed post graduate courses through the Women's Health Training Associates (WHTA). Bonnie has also progressed her learning and skills with courses in Clinical Pilates, including Matwork, Equipment and Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Titleist Performance Institute Certification Level 1, Sports Level 1 and Dry Needling. She is passionate about helping people get back in control of their own bodies and reach their goals through using both manual therapy techniques and exercise.

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