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Quick and Effective Golf Warm Up

By October 29, 2014December 14th, 2018Physiotherapy, Pilates, Sports Physiotherapy

In golf, first contact of the day is so important for the mental game to ensure that the score card stays to a minimum. Did you know that an appropriate warm up can place your body in its optimal state to ensure an optimal tee off?

Now we may all be guilty of (not so) occasional wayward shots on the golf course but did you know that a proper warm up can assist in making sure the first tee off runs as smoothly as possible? No longer will you have to wait until the second or third hole before you get into the… (hehmm) … swing of things.

image1 Rock n roll down – Hold your club out in front of you and move down towards your toes and then all the way back up lifting the club over head. Repeat 10 times

Rotate State – Repeat the first exercise but as you rise twist to your left and then repeat the next to your right. Repeat 10 times

image15Hip Swagger – Stand in a wide lunge. Point on foot parallel to you body, lunge towards this side and rotate your upper body to get a stretch on the inside of your thigh. Repeat to the other side and hold each for at least 30 seconds.



image16SWAT Squat – Bend your knees like you are sitting into a chair and simultaneously lift the club overhead. Repeat 10 times

Standing twist rotations – Stand with the club held wide between both hands rotate as far as you can to the left keeping your hips facing forward then over to the right. Repeat 10 times.

This warm up will not make you Tiger Woods but it will ensure you are that little bit closer.

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Bend + Mend

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