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Pilates Equipment: Small Stability Ball

Bend + Mend’s Pilates-Informed classes use different pieces of Pilates equipment to add variability and further challenge our clients. In this blog we are going to talk about our small stability ball. The stability ball can be used to challenge the stability of different muscle groups depending on how it is used. Below are three ways in which this piece of equipment can be used during our sessions:

Arms in straps:

Placing the ball underneath your pelvis will make this exercise more challenging for your trunk muscles. As the reformer carriage moves it will be harder to keep your torso balanced throughout the movement.







Legs in straps:

The stability ball can be placed between your ankles with this exercise. This will increase the difficulty of keeping your heels together. The adductor muscles (inner thighs) will generally burn quicker than without the ball.








The ball can be placed under your heel to challenge the stability of your lower limb muscles. As the reformer carriage moves during the lunge, the ball will make it harder to hold your standing position. This further activates through your deep gluteal muscles (deep hip stabilisers) to keep your standing leg in the correct position.








If you are interested in adding any of these exercises to your rehabilitation, book an Initial Assessment with one of our experienced Bend + Mend Physio’s today. We can assess your individualised needs and tailor an exercise program to suit you.

Bend + Mend

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