A Home Pilates Program which complements your current Physio-led Pilates program in the studio is vital for ongoing effective management of various injuries. There are many benefits to Pilates and ‘leg circles’ is just one exercise which you could perform in the comfort of your own home. However, be careful because technique is imperative with this exercise to avoid injury. ‘Leg circles’ challenge you to be able to separate your hip movements from your lower back and pelvis. This is a poor movement pattern that is commonly found in individuals with lower back pain. It also challenges your upper body, such as your thoracic spine, abdominals and neck muscles, to remain relaxed throughout the exercise and not tense up.

Key Points of Leg Circles:

– Keep your back and pelvis flat against the floor and ensure that you do not feel your back muscles

– Ensure that the movement is only from your hips

– Circle your hips in a clockwise direction for 10 repetitions then anticlockwise for 10 repetitions

To be able to do your leg circles at home all you need is either theraband, resistance tubing or a Physio Home Pilates Pack. In the below video, Bonnie is using a physiopod home pilates pack.

If you would like to book an Initial Pilates Assessment to commence your individualised Pilates program then come and see one of our Physiotherapists at Bend + Mend in Sydney’s CBD.


Bonnie Broomfield

About Bonnie Broomfield

Bonnie graduated in 2013 from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Masters of Physiotherapy. Born and raised in Sydney, she loves her sport, particularly Netball, and is always keen to try new sports and other outdoor activities - her latest being Golf with her Golf Pro fiancé. Bonnie has a special interest in Women's Health and has completed post graduate courses through the Women's Health Training Associates (WHTA). Bonnie has also progressed her learning and skills with courses in Clinical Pilates, including Matwork, Equipment and Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Titleist Performance Institute Certification Level 1, Sports Level 1 and Dry Needling. She is passionate about helping people get back in control of their own bodies and reach their goals through using both manual therapy techniques and exercise.

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