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Christmas Gift Ideas For Better Posture

By November 28, 2018December 13th, 2018Physiotherapy, Pilates

Christmas is just around the corner, which means trying to think of thoughtful and specials gifts for our loved ones. Below are a few out of the box and practical gifts for those who want to improve their posture, plus a few simple exercises!

  1. Foam Roller:

Overhead Shoulder Series

Lying on your foam roller, making sure that your head and tailbone are supported. Raise your hands up and lower them over your head towards the floor. You should feel some light pressure at the base of your neck. If the stretch isn’t very strong, and you don’t have any shoulder injuries, add a small weight between 0.5-1.5kg. Repeat 10-15 times.

Chest Stretch

Lying on your foam roller, making sure that your head and tailbone are supported. Move your arms out to the side in a stop sign position. You should feel a strong stretch across the front of your chest. Add weights 0.5kg-1.5kg for a stronger stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 2-3 times.


  1. Theraband


Attach your theraband to a door knob or railing that is approximately at waist height. With your arms bent at 90° pull your elbows backwards and squeeze between your shoulder blades. Make sure your neck and you are standing tall. Repeat for 12 x 3.

Bilateral External Rotation

Standing upright with elbows bent at 90° and palms facing upwards. Hold the theraband between your hands and keep your elbows by your side. Pull hands apart while squeezing between your shoulder blades. Repeat for 12 x 3.

Pull Down

Standing upright hold the theraband above your head with hands approximately 10cm apart (this may vary depending on the resistance or your band). While holding onto the theraband pull your hands apart and lower your hands to shoulder height. As you bring your hands down squeeze between your shoulder blades. Watch point – make sure your neck does not tip forward as your bring your hands down. You should maintain a good neck and upper back posture throughout the whole movement. Repeat for 12 x 3.

  1. Trigger Ball

Upper back mobility

Place the trigger ball on the floor (you may need a towel over the top of the ball as it can be very firm).  Lie on top of the ball so the ball sits between your spine and shoulder blade (it shouldn’t be directly on the spinous process) and have a small towel to support your head. With the same arm as the side of the ball, raise your arm over your head. As you move your arm overhead the ball will press firmly into your back, as you bring your arm back in front of you the pressure will lessen. Repeat for 12 x 3.

Please notes that this exercise can be quite aggressive and if you experience significant discomfort please avoid this. Alternatively, you can repeat the same exercise in standing with the ball against a wall for less pressure.

If you have any questions above the above exercises or if you would like to talk about other ways to improve your posture contact the Physio’s here at Bend + Mend in Sydney’s CBD!

Bend + Mend

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