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Bend + Mend Musculoskeletal Injury Management Scholarship

By July 24, 2015March 22nd, 2016Physiotherapy, Pilates

Scholarship Details

Scholarship: $1,000*

Status: Currently Open
Closing date: 2/4/2016
Submit your applications to:


About Bend + Mend

Bend + Mend is a leading Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates studio with clinics in Sydney’s CBD and a head office based in Sydney’s Martin Place.  Bend + Mend are always on the lookout for bright and ambitious individuals who wish to claim the Bend + Mend Musculoskeletal Injury Management Scholarship.  We will accept students from across Australia and also students who are studying abroad who have the ability to work remotely.


Bend + Mend Scholarship Goal

Bend + Mend will provide financial support for: Physiotherapy; Exercise Science/Physiology; Pilates students who are interested in a growing Australian company based in Sydney with an Australia-wide reach.


Scholarship Eligibility

Applicant must be a full-time student at a college or university.  The Scholarship is available to students in the following areas:

Exercise Science/Physiology

We will also consider students who are currently undertaking Masters or Honours studies in the areas listed above.  In order to be eligible, students must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident enrolled as a full-time student at their university or college.  We will also accept students who are studying on a global level.


How to Apply For and Win the Bend + Mend Scholarship

In 500 words or less, explain how this Scholarship would assist you in developing your passion for exercise therapy, such as Pilates, in the management of musculoskeletal injuries or conditions during your studies.  Please send this in pdf or Word document format.  All resumes must include two references and a current academic transcript.  In your cover letter, please address why you would like to be considered for this programme.


The Application Process

Submit your 500 word response, resume, academic transcript and cover letter.  This helps us understand who you are and your aspirations, to help with deciding who would be the best match for the Scholarship.


Scholarship Interview

If your application is successful, we will invite you to an interview either in person or online. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the Bend + Mend Scholarship and understand who we are as a business and team.  This will be completed two weeks after the Scholarship date closes.

For additional information, students should contact
*Please Note: Prize value is $1000 gift voucher to Westfield Australia


If you are interested in learning more about the services Bend + Mend offer, please see these links below:

Mark Kaizik

Mark graduated from the University of Sydney in 1996 and has been working in the field of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy since.  This is his 19th year in Sydney’s CBD, having originally set up Bend + Mend in 2003.  He completed his postgraduate Masters Degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy, which he uses both at work in his treatment of patients, and at home in trying to manage his 3 children, although he’s generally the one being manipulated!  Mark is currently completing a PhD in diagnostics in physiotherapy.  He has a wealth of experience in both Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy. Mark is happy to see patients at Bend + Mend | Martin Place.

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