Tips To Increase Your Incidental Activity

With our busy city schedules it can be difficult to find time to hit the gym or head out for a run, so unfortunately exercise often gets put in the ‘too hard basket’. Below are some helpful tips on ways to increase your incidental activity that won’t dramatically impact your normal routine. Because ultimately, any exercise is better than nothing!

At Work:

  • Walking up stairs instead of taking the lift
  • Cycle or walk to work instead of driving
  • Get off the train or bus a few stops earlier or park further away and walk
  • Organise a regular exercise session at work and encourage everyone to get involved
  • Leave the office during your lunch break and go for a 10-15 minute walk
  • Walk around the office during calls (if you are not required to be seated at your desk)
  • Try the new coffee place a few blocks over instead of the one in your building
  • Walk to talk to colleagues instead of sending an email
  • Take or leave comfortable walking shoes at work, this gives you one less excuse not to exercise

At Home:

  • Do some gardening or mow the lawn
  • Do the housework instead of hiring someone to help
  • Go for a short walk before breakfast or after dinner
  • Be active while watching TV, e.g. riding an exercise bike or walking on a treadmill
  • Perform squats or calf raises while waiting for the kettle to boil or for the microwave timer to count down
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • ‘Active Ads’ – during TV commercials do something active, for example squat, walk or try some core exercises

Leisure Time:

  • Park further away from the shopping centre and walk the extra distance
  • While at the shops add in an extra lap of the center
  • Play with the kids, instead of just watching
  • Make your leisure activities more active:
    • Walk at golf instead of using the buggy
    • Walk along the beach
    • Kick or throw a ball at the park
  • Organise active family outings
    • Go for a bushwalk
    • Hire push-bikes for the afternoon
    • Head down to the local pool for a swim
    • Keep a soccer ball, skipping rope or frisbee in the car
  • Walk around the field while you’re watching your kids Saturday sport
  • Walk to your local restaurant/shops/café instead of driving
  • Meet friends for a takeaway coffee then catch-up and chat while walking

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Nicole completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from ACU and has worked exclusively in a Private Practice setting since graduating. Nicole has been involved as a Physiotherapist with various netball teams and has enjoyed the challenge of working with a wide range of patients both on and off the courts. As well as her love of sport, Nicole has a special interest in hr treatment of neck pain and headaches. She has also completed further training in Pilates Matwork from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, and plans to continue to expand her Pilates skill set. Nicole loves maintaining an active lifestyle and is a keen traveller.

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