Tips On How To train For A Triathlon As An Office Worker In Barangaroo

New to the Barangaroo area, and wanting to capitalise on the surroundings, I wondered how I could continue training for triathlon while working in the urban jungle of Barangaroo.

Thankfully in terms of training facilities Sydney neither lacks nor fails to inspire. Where in the world could you pop out of the office and find yourself a few minutes from the tranquility of the Royal Botanical gardens, running past the iconic Opera House, or on the water front gathering your thoughts or losing yourself from the stresses of the real world. Even as a New Zealander I find running in Sydney somewhat breathtaking!

Now into the off-season I have researched a few options to keep things ticking over during the winter months.

These include:

Lunchtime running options:

  • 3km return run to Millers Point. Depending on running speed this should take anywhere between 12 and 20 minutes. A gentle out and back with a lollypop loop around Millers Park before returning to the office with enough time to prepare for the afternoon ahead. There is the option of tacking on some stair work to increase the intensity and sting the lungs.
  • 7km loop around the Botanical Gardens and back (see pic). Starting at Barangaroo and heading towards the Opera House linking into the Botanical gardens waterfront track leading all the way to Mrs Macquaries Chair before cutting into the greenery and forgetting you are in a city for that split second. An amazing way to centre yourself before making a turn towards Barangaroo either via Martin Place’s wide open car less plaza, taking in the sounds of the daily buskers. Or turning around and retracing your foot steps. Run time should be between 40min and 60 min.


Swimming is a challenge in our part of the city, while we have no lack of water, it’s the facilities to swim in we require. I find leaving early in the morning or taking some time later in the day to visit either Ian Thorpe Swimming Centre (1.9 km south, or 25 min walk away), or Cook and Philip Park (1.8 km south east, 20 minute walk away) the best options. In terms of facilities these are both fairly equal, both include 50m pools, and importantly both are heated! Crucial as we come into the winter months.


Cycling is something of a compromise. While it is possible to get out and saddle up over the lunch break, the likelihood of feeling more than a mild bead of sweat on the forehead as you wind up between traffic lights is often negated by the amount of traffic you have to contend with. Luckily for us we have loads of lunchtime Spin class options available at the abundance of gyms located in the city. These are typically 45 minute classes and are designed to get the heat rate racing!

If you are wanting to build into the next season and would like to have expert analysis of your running come and see our running experts Blake or Ben for a Bend + Mend Running Assessment at our Barangaroo – King Street Wharf clinic.

Campbell Hooker

About Campbell Hooker

Campbell Graduated from AUT University and has worked in private practice in both Australia and in London. Campbell has a keen interest in sporting injuries, office based injuries and the neck. He has worked at grassroots and elite levels of rugby union and league, and with surf lifesaving. He has recently taken to triathlon where he spends most of his spare time. Campbell has an interest in neurological conditions and has a Neuroanatomy degree out of Otago University. He utilises a number of methods when both analysing and treating patients, including dry needling and the Sarah Key Method.

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