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The Two Best Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

By December 4, 2018February 20th, 2019Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

Hamstring strains are the most common sporting injury ever period. If you’re recovering from a strain or your hamstring feels a bit dodgy then depending on your stage of rehab you will need to strengthen it before getting back to your chosen sport. Here’s two great exercises to get you your hamstring firing again.

The best thing about these two exercises is you don’t need a gym or thousands of dollars worth of machine weights you just need yourself and a sock.

1.“The Glider”

You can see with this exercise all you need is a sock on your foot that allows it to easily slide on the floorboards or kitchen tiles. The hamstring you want to work remains stationary on the ground whilst your other foot with a sock on slides back. Remember go easy to start with it shouldn’t be painful. Once you get the hang of it you can go faster and slide back further if able to or even add in more repetitions

2.“The Diver”

This exercise is a great one that puts your hamstrings on stretch whilst you’ve got to get them firing to get your weight back to the midline again. So in the above exercise my left standing hamstrings are the side I’m working. Again it should be a smooth movement and should not be painful.

Now these are just two exercises that focus on hamstring strengthening and lengthening simultaneously hence why I like them. If you want more hamstring exercises why not check out another  great blog for another great hamstring strengthening exercise that will get you back to sport in no time.

Remember you should always consult your Physiotherapist to see if these exercises are the right fit for you and generally they should be done as part of a specific exercise regime that is tailored to exactly what you need. Book in to see one of our Physio’s at Bend + Mend in Sydney’s CBD to get the right advice and treatment.

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