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The 30 Day Challenge…For Your Pelvic Floor!

Here is an article we thought was worth reading. It talks about a 30-Day Challenge for your pelvic floor muscles to improve your sex life!

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So what do we as Women’s Health Physio’s think about this? As provocative and un-Physio this article sounds it actually outlines everything I would love people to know about the pelvic floor and why we have an area of Physio dedicated completely to it. Most people’s pelvic floor muscles work well without ever thinking about them, though there is definitely a large cohort of women that either have weak pelvic floor muscles or the opposite and their pelvic floor is overactive. Both of these can cause different issues for women and can be the cause of other muscle or joint pain or dysfunction. So why leave it to chance whether these conditions could affect you? Get to know your pelvic floor and if you are unsure if you know how to use it, see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and get equipped with a life skill that you will never regret. If the most you get out of it is better sex, it’s not such a bad thing! 😉


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