Should I get a CAM Boot?

As Physio’s we need to know what products and equipment are available to help our patients when needed. CAM Boots are one of these convenient yet not well-known products that can be used to assist recovery and make life that little bit easier than it used to be when plaster casts were the only choice.

What is a CAM boot?

A Controlled Ankle Movement (CAM) boot or walker is an orthosis designed to immobilise the ankle joint and foot and offload weight. The common term used for CAM boot is “moon boot”.  These are often used as a substitute of plaster casting because they are more durable, hygienic and easily removable. The CAM boot enables appropriate partial weight bearing to allow for superior healing and mobility. So you can walk on it!

CAM Boot’s are regularly prescribed by Physiotherapists, GPs and specialists in the management of many lower limb injuries. At Bend + Mend we stock several sizes to ensure you have a comfortable immobilisation experience. We provide short boots, which are often prescribed for issues concerning the foot, and long boots. The long boot is often prescribed for conditions that require further support and immobilisation, which affect the ankle, tibia or fibula.

What is the Benefit of a CAM boot?

Several studies comparing the use of CAM boots and plaster casts for ankle and foot fractures have shown significant improvements in the CAM boot populations. For patients with base of 5th metatarsal fractures, improvements in the time it takes to return to pre-injury pain levels have been discovered. CAM boots have been shown to reduce the time to 9 weeks, 3 weeks earlier than plaster casts.  An earlier return to driving, 6 weeks vs 12 weeks. Additionally those in the CAM boot population also experienced significantly less pain at 3, 6, and 9 weeks following immobilisation.

What conditions may require a CAM boot?

-Ankle and foot fractures

-Significant ankle ligament injuries

-Post-operative ankle surgery

-Severe plantar fasciitis

-Boney Stress Response and fractures

-Post bunion surgery

-Achilles rupture – for both operative and non-operative management.

The list goes on..

CAM boot fitting is available at Bend + Mend. The fitting includes a short consult in which we will discuss how to best manage your lower limb injury, manage the CAM boot, advise you on gait and hygiene options while wearing the CAM boot, and how to safely remove and fit the boot (if suitable).  All of our Physiotherapists at Bend + Mend can provide you with a CAM boot and get you fitted today.

Patrick Nelson

About Patrick Nelson

Patrick joined the team at Bend + Mend following a move to Sydney from the Central Coast, NSW. After Graduating with Honours from Newcastle University, Patrick has developed his career in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in both Private Practice and the Hospital Setting. Patrick has done further study into Dry Needling, injury prevention programming for strength and conditioning, shoulder rehabilitation and taping methods. Patrick has a strong interest in injury prevention and sports performance. Having a background of working in variety of sports from grass roots netball to professional rugby league, he enjoys getting to the root of your musculoskeletal issue and developing a planned approach to returning you to the pitch, as safely and as soon as possible.

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