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Patient of the Month for April

By March 24, 2016Physiotherapy

Our Bend + Mend Patient of the Month for April is the lovely golf-loving Robyn Smith.

From Robyn:

“I have always had a goal of being on a single figures handicap for golf before I was “too old” unfortunately a back issue caused by too many hours sitting at a desk really restricted my movement and therefore inhibited my golf swing. Fi and Bonnie  suggested that I do Pilates concentrating on what is required to help my golf swing as well as having intense Physio and dry needling on my back from time to time and guess what, I am now down to single figures and hitting the ball much further! The Pilates has really helped with flexibility and core strength and the Physio has kept my back supple for much longer. All I need to do is keep it up and who knows how low the handicap can go. Thanks to Bend + Mend”

And from Fiona:

“It’s been a delight to treat Robyn over these past years and to help her stay on her beloved Golf Course! Since she’s started Pilates with us her Golf has improved and her back pain is not aggravated so easily and is still continuing to improve. Now I’m treating her husband as well, so her biggest fear is that he will be a better Golf player than her! Between the two of them we have a good time in our Pilates sessions, so thanks Robyn and keep up the good work!”

Kellie Jansen

Kellie graduated from the University of Sydney and has been working in Sydney’s CBD for over 15 years. She also completed a postgraduate Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Kellie was inspired to work as a physiotherapist following many years of ballet and seeing dancers cope with their injuries. She now has a keen interest in acute and chronic spinal therapy and clinical pilates. Kellie is happy to see her patients at Bend + Mend Martin Place or Barangaroo. She works at both clinics every day except Wednesdays.

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