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Morton’s Neuroma and Turf Toe

By February 22, 2023September 8th, 2023Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

Both Morton’s neuroma and turf toe are painful conditions in the foot which can cause serious immobility and prevent people from being fit and active. Equally so, both conditions when well managed can resolve or be managed well to greatly reduce disability.

Morton’s neuroma is an irritation and thickening of the nerve tissue around the toes near the sole of the foot. It is uncomfortable, and people will often describe it as “walking on a marble” – being able to pinpoint and locate a very specific point of pain. It can arise from a change in load but often just a change in footwear which is too narrow and thus causes the toes to squish in together. This causes a change in our walking pattern and a neuroma like this developing.

If a Morton’s neuroma has been identified by your GP or doctor via imaging or assessment, then early management is vital to reduce symptoms and further compensations arising. These conditions respond well to being offloaded by use of supportive and comfortable footwear that provide good arch support. Domes can also be used under the toe to reduce pain and symptoms when walking. Manual therapy is used to reduce the swelling and improve mobility of the surrounding tissues, accelerating recovery.

Turf Toe involves an injury to the big toe of the foot. It can involve injury to the plate under the toe joint or the soft tissue structures as a result of the toe being pushed into hyperextension. If treated well turf toe can resolve and become pain free. Management includes initially taping techniques to support the injured joint and reduce hyperextension during activity. Manual therapy is also vital early on to reduce scar tissue developing and a permanent range limitation.

If you’ve had a foot injury lately or struggling with either of these conditions your Physio is a great place to start. Stop hobbling around and come in to see one of the team here ate Bend + Mend!

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