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Get Active (Outside The Gym) This Summer

By January 25, 2019July 21st, 2021Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

With the long hot summer days, what better time act on all those new year resolutions and get active in and around Sydney. If the gym is not something that excites you then have a go at these different exercise options.


If you love being away from the hustle and bustle and being on the water, then kayaking is a must. Kayaking can not only improve your cardiovascular fitness, but it encourages mobility through your upper back giving the shoulders and scapular stabilisers a great workout. With every paddle stroke you complete, your upper back must rotate activating your core. Kayaking is also low impact on your lower limbs so it’s perfect for those of you with any knee or ankle issues.

Paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP boarding) is exactly as it sounds. It requires you to stand up on a board and paddle. This requires a great deal of balance and core strength giving you a full body workout as you try to keep your centre of gravity and move yourself through the water at the same time.

Trail running

Hitting the trails offers a different work out to road running. Expect to feel the after effects more as trail running pushes you to engage your core and lower limb stability muscles more as you negotiate difficult terrains.


Sydney is surrounded by national parks making it a fantastic location to plan a day or overnight hike from. Hiking is appropriate for all levels of fitness (depending on the track you choose) and it’s a great way of improving your cardiovascular fitness without putting to much impact through your joints.

Learn to surf

In the same way as paddle boarding, surfing really tests your balance. Paddling puts the shoulders, arms and muscles between your shoulder blades to work while pushing up and riding a wave works the arms, legs and core. Also, if you are new to surfing even sitting on the board waiting for a wave will get that core engaged.

Rock climbing

This physically demanding sport will get the adrenaline flowing. Rock climbing is a full body work out that will push the limits of your flexibility, endurance and strength. With continued practice your grip strength will also improve.

If you are unsure if any of these activities would be suitable for you be sure to book in with one of the friendly Physiotherapists at Bend + Mend.

Bend + Mend

Bend + Mend has been providing Sydney’s CBD with Physiotherapy and Pilates services since 2003. We have 4 great locations in Martin Place, Barangaroo, Darling Park and Circular Quay, all with private rooms and specialised one-on-one care. We also have Sydney CBD’s best-loved Physios who have helped over 10,000 people recover from pain and injury.

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