Four Benefits Of Trail Running

Trail running differs from normal running as it incorporates off-road running along trails/tracks through the bush, mountains, countryside and beaches.

1. It works more muscles than normal running – As a result of the different terrain, trail running pushes your body to not only engage your core muscles for increased stability but also increases the stress on your lower limb muscles for negotiating different terrain, obstacles, hills and stairs. This increased demand on your lower limb muscles will develop increased strength and stability compared with normal road running.

2. It’s lighter on your joints – running on concrete all the time can put higher demand through the joints in your body. Trail running allows you to run on different kinds of terrain such as dirt road, mud, sand and grass which allows reduced stress on your joints.

3. It’s better for your lungs – running in open space with nature allows you to run with less exposure to pollutants than normal road running does through the concrete jungle.

4. Better for your state of mind – trail running can immerse you with different natural environments through mountains, rivers, bush and beaches. Some studies have made a link to “green exercise” that promotes stronger mental health which has a positive affect on other aspects of one’s life. Running with nature allows your to release the days’ stresses away

Running itself is like therapy, if you’re suffering from a running injury or are unsure whether trail running might be suitable for you, be sure to book a Physiotherapy or Running Assessment at Bend + Mend with one of our Sports Physiotherapists today.

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