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For All Dancers…Why is a Musculoskeletal Dance Assessment Necessary?

By April 1, 2011December 14th, 2018Dance Injuries, Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

A dance assessment or dance screening can be used both to identify a dancer’s strengths and weaknesses and to correct any biomechanical faults which may help with the prevention of injury.  A Physiotherapist is qualified to assess your flexibility and core strength, as well as pick up on any anatomical variations that you may have which can impact on your dance performance.  If you find certain stretches or dance moves difficult, it may not be just a case of needing more practice, it could also be due to some form of weakness or tightness, which your Physio may be able to assist you with.

In a typical Dance Assessment at Bend + Mend, our Physios go through a thorough history of any previous injuries you may have had, as well as any current complaints or injuries.  They will also ask you what your goals/expectations are in relation to your dance.

If you’ve had a break from dancing and are looking to get back to some classes, a Dance Assessment can be a great way to make sure you address any areas which may need looking at before you start up again.  Often, we can make the mistake of getting back into things too quickly, which can lead to an injury and can lead to us giving up all together under the misconception that we are “too old” or our body is “not the same as it used to be”.  A few simple exercises can often ensure that we are able to continue dancing without aggravating underlying problems, in the hope of preventing injury and correcting technique.

So don’t put those ballet shoes away just yet!

Bend + Mend

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