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Five Top Winter Activities To Stay Fit

By June 26, 2017December 13th, 2018Get Fit to Ski, Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

1. Ice skating

Apart from being a fun and social activity, it’s a great form of exercise that challenges your balance working your core muscles, as well as a form of lower limb strengthening. Be careful if it’s your first time! A couple of places in Sydney that have ice skating on offer include:

– The Ice Zoo rink at Alexandria

– Ice rink at Olympic park

– Ice rink at Macquarie Park

– Ice Skating at St Mary’s Cathedral in the city

– Bondi also open an outdoor ice rink over winter!

2. Hot yoga

It can be a little daunting to exercise outside over the winter period, so if yoga is your thing or you’re up for trying something new, hot yoga could be for you. Hot yoga is like normal yoga but is performed in a heated room – for example Bikram yoga. Like normal yoga you can develop strength throughout the body as well as increase your flexibility. The heat allows you to get that little bit more of a stretch and those who practice frequently also suggest the increased sweating allows your body to flush toxins out of the body – so it might include a bit of detoxification!

3. Bush Walking

Although it might be a little colder, winter can actually be one of the better times for bush walking. The clean crisp air can allow you to appreciate nature in all it’s glory. Going off road on trails, rocks, sand and stairs also allows you to challenge your balance, strengthen your legs, as well as increase your heart rate with varying inclines. There are endless places to go bush walking near Sydney, so I’ll mention a few below, just be sure to rug up and pack a bag if you’re going for a few hours.

– The Blue Mountains offer countless walks at varying difficulties to suit all needs

– Barrenjoey lighthouse walk in palm beach

– Hermitage Foreshore track in the Eastern Suburbs

– The Spit to Manly walk (10km)

– Bundeena to Otford in the Royal National Park (26km)

– Kiama Coast Walk (22km)

4. Gym

If you’re a runner or an outdoor circuit type of athlete, and a little wary of the cold, there are some gyms that do offer short term memberships that could tie you over for the cooler months.  This would allow you to attend their classes or use their equipment. Don’t let the cold weather get in the way of you staying active! Sydney CBD has a variety of gyms near Martin Place and Barangaroo alone.

5. Snow Sports

It seems a little obvious but skiing and snowboarding are great activities to partake in over the winter months. Depending on the style of skiing or snowboarding you choose, you can help strengthen your core and legs, improve balance, flexibility as well as challenge your cardiovascular system to build your aerobic capacity.

Stay active during winter and keep those muscles and joints from stiffening up!


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