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Does my foot look good in this?

By May 26, 2011March 21st, 2019Physiotherapy, Running, Sports Physiotherapy

Feet can be flat, arched or just plain funny looking…but do you have any idea of what your foot type is and what shoe is the right one for you to wear? If you’re wearing the correct shoe, you are more likely to get the most out of your running and reduce the risk of injury. 

Basically, there are three different types of feet. These are:

  • the flat or pronated foot
  • the neutral foot
  • the high-arched  foot

Your Bend +Mend physiotherapist can help you to determine which foot type you are. Our running assessments can also look at your running technique in your current brand of shoe to see if this type of footwear is appropriate for your dynamic running style as well as foot type.

The flat foot has a minimal inside arch. Often people with this foot type over-pronate. Over-pronation is when the foot strikes on the outside part of the heel and then rolls heavily inwards. Your footprint will show that you have put pressure through most of your foot. The flat foot is best suited to a shoe with a firm midsole and control features that help to limit the amount of foot pronation.

The neutral foot has what can be thought of as a “normal” arch. If you have a neutral foot, when you look at your footprint the front of the foot and the heel will be connected by an even band. For neutral feet, shoes with moderate control features are best.

The high-arched foot is the least common foot type. If you see a very thin or non-existant band that connects the front of the foot with the heel then you can be classed in this category. For the high-arched foot, a cushioned shoe is best, that has flexibility to allow for foot motion.

Whilst this guide can help, it is always best to get advice so that you can ensure the shoe that you’re purchasing is the right one for you and for the type of sport you love.


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