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Are Tight Hamstrings Hampering Your Cycling?

By January 15, 2013May 10th, 2019Physiotherapy, Running, Sports Physiotherapy

Bike position is really important to ensure comfort and to get maximum output from your legs when cycling. One common cycling problem we encounter at Bend + Mend relates to tight hamstrings. Short or tight hamstrings pull on your pelvis and lower back making it more difficult for you to achieve an aerodynamic position in the saddle and potentially cause or aggravate back pain.

So how tight is tight? Everyone is different, but your hamstrings should be long enough to allow you to sit with a neutral or slightly forward rotated pelvis in the saddle. To check your pelvic position, place one hand on your hips while sitting on your bike. Your front hip bone should be sitting slightly forward or level relative to your back hip bone/pelvis.

What to do about it? To dynamically stretch your hamstrings get yourself a chair. Stand facing the seat your with your knees against the chair, now squat. Keep your heels on the ground and stick your butt out, feel a stretch in your hamstring.

To maintain an improvement the next step is to strengthen your gluteal muscles. Use a bench or chair to lean on to mimic being on your bike. From here push your leg back, keeping your low back steady. Alternate legs, repeat x20 or until you are no longer able to maintain a good position at your back and your butt is aching!



Happy cycling!

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