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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Practise Yoga

By August 2, 2017March 4th, 2019Physiotherapy

Yoga is an ancient practice that began over 5000 years ago in India. Originally it was a practice developed to unite the mind and body. Nowadays there are many varying styles of yoga; bikram, power, hot, hatha, vinyasa, yin and the list goes on! All of these styles of yoga can help you find balance and reconnect your body, mind and spirit.

The basic principles of yoga include a variety of stretches and poses that may be combined with a variety of breathing techniques. The variety of yoga styles range from those that are more vigorous and intense, to others which are more relaxing and meditative. No matter what you are trying to achieve with your yoga practice, all types of yoga require you to practise mindfulness in holding the pose, stretching or whilst moving through the flow. Not only will you strengthen and stretch your body, but also it will help you to focus your mind and center your spirit. The skills that you learn and employ in the practice of yoga you will then begin to demonstrate and use them in your day-to-day life, resulting in a more present version of yourself!

1.    Reduce your risk of injury

Yoga pushes your boundaries not only mentally but physically. By pushing your body into holding poses and gentle stretches that challenge you, your strength and flexibility will improve. Having adequate range of motion in your joints coupled with sufficient strength to stabilize these joints is a great way to stay pain free, reduce your risk of injury and live a life of unrestricted movement. Because living a physically unrestricted life is the only way to live!

2.    Understand the mind and body connection

In the busy western world we are so focused on all of the external factors in our lives that impact us; instead we must more frequently practice internal reflection. These practices help to reduce stress, improve mindfulness and consequently leaving you being more present, content and an absolute pleasure to be around.

3.    Pranayama

This is the practice of deep relaxation that involves deep breathing and meditation to aid in reducing stress and inducing relaxation. Yoga teaches people how to breathe deeply using the entire diaphragm and lung capacity. Focusing on breath work helps people in enhancing their focus by increasing the amount of oxygen flowing to their extremities and also the brain. Increasing the mindfulness to your physical being and

4.    Improve posture

By improving your mobility through yoga stretches and strengthening will in turn help you to stand tall with pride! Good posture comes from adequate mobility or flexibility in the joints that are then supported by adequate strength of the muscles around those joints. These two components are critical to yoga as strength and mobility will lead you to an unrestricted physical sense of being! Because living an unrestricted life is the only way to live! 

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