Meredith Chapple

Meredith is one of Bend + Mend’s lead Women’s Health Physiotherapists having done further advanced study in this area developing specialised skills in treating Women’s issues such as prolapse and pelvic pain, as well as Post-Natal checks for new mothers. Meredith also previously worked with several Rugby Union clubs and enjoys helping athletes with acute injuries and their return to sport. As an avid rock climber herself, she has an interest in managing rock climbing injuries including wrist, elbow, shoulder and hips.

Meredith teaches Clinical Pilates at Bend + Mend which has helped developed keen body awareness and skill in incorporating mindfulness and exercises as a part of all rehabilitative programs, particularly for women following birth.  She strives to educate patients on their conditions, develop a suitable exercise program and use manual therapy techniques for the best results. Outside of the clinic Meredith has a passion for running, rock climbing, yoga and playing ukulele.

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