Kahlua Naylor

Kahlua is a born and bred Sydney girl, who has always had a keen interest in health and fitness. Ballet is her forte, which she has studied since the age of 3. It has taken her on a wonderful journey around the globe and at the tender age of 15, was accepted into the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. After attending many Summer Schools including the Queensland Ballet – Australia, English National Ballet – London, Royal Ballet School of Antwerp – Belgium, she accepted a place at Brussels International Ballet School in Belgium. After graduating, she decided not to pursue her career as a professional ballerina, instead remaining home in Sydney with her family. Kahlua recently gained her Associate Royal Academy of Dance (ARAD) Certificate and is committed to health and fitness with a compassionate understanding for people suffering from sports injuries. Kahlua enjoys Yoga, Pilates, travelling and cooking.

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