The Spiky Ball: How It Works

Ssshhhh, I shouldn’t really be telling you this, but here is a way that you can be your own Physio!

Introducing…The Spiky Ball!! A spiky ball can help to reduce muscle tension and improve the flexibility of your muscles. When used correctly, spiky balls can be used to perform self-massage or muscle release techniques, simulating the effects of Physiotherapy massage.

Using a spiky ball is easy, just place it between the sore spot in your muscle and something fairly solid. You can hold it there or move around on it, whatever feels most comfortable and effectively working the right area. Start with 10 seconds and if that feels ok, work up to 90 seconds. If you get distracted by your favourite TV show while rolling on your spiky ball, that’s ok too.

Here are a few spots that you might find your spiky ball is particularly useful.

  1. Between the shoulder blades
  1. Your gluteal muscles
  1. The sole of your foot

For those of you who don’t mind firm massage, the spiky ball can also be used anywhere you like to use your Foam Roller. For example, on your thigh muscle, the outside of your thigh (your ITB) or your calf.

If you would like some further instruction on how best to use your spiky ball the Physio’s at Bend + Mend would be happy to assist you. Is the spiky ball not quite enough to fix your problem? Come in and see one of our experienced Physiotherapists in our Sydney CBD Physio clinic to help.

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