Zombie Horde Taking Over Bend + Mend

What?! Zombies, Run! is a mobile app gaining popularity among a couple of Bend + Mend’s Physios. It’s like a game where you run to complete missions in a narrated storyline, all to save humanity in a Zombie-strewn futurescape. With over 1 million users worldwide, the company behind this is on to something.

Err, I don’t get it? So you go out for a run as you normally would, but with your phone. Wear your headphones, switch GPS on then press ‘start’ on the app. You’ll hear an update that sets the scene for the mission and encourages you as you run along as though your life depends on it. The story comes in and out for missions of around 35 minutes. There’s the ever-present threat that some (imaginary) zombies may start chasing you, so you need to actually pick up your pace to escape. Direction doesn’t matter, but pace does.

This isn’t for me. Yeah, fair enough. But I thought that too, and here we are. Turns out to just be a new twist to keep motivated during a run and is good for speed work. With a detailed plot, sound effects and the nice accents of British actors, I was surprised to find myself grinning like an idiot the first time I tried it.

Aren’t we a little old for this?  Probably.

Who’s to blame? Full credit to B+M Physio Kirsty Wall who told me about it. With her rate of mission completion, she is leaving me in some serious post-apocalyptic dust!

Blake van Koesveld

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Blake graduated from the University of Sydney in 2003. He has worked in both Sydney and London and completed a Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy in 2011. Blake has particular expertise with orthopaedic conditions and enjoys helping patients to weigh up their treatment options and with post-surgical rehabilitation. As a lifelong sports fan, Blake uses his knowledge of sports to customise rehabilitation for his athletic clients. After battling his way around the 2012 Edinburgh Marathon he has a deeper appreciation of the “foolish but fun” world of amateur endurance events.

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